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homepageHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

Info Section
Jan.28.2013 Site Update
Latest News - this news item posted on Jan.28.2013 08:59 pm by AMPro

So this is the first time I've ever been able to make a site update post without having to go into the archives and log into the old forum and make the update as a post. It's very nice to have one uniform way of adding content now.

Earlier today I tracked down and fixed several bugs in the content viewer. I also crafted some missing code so now individual site updates from the past can be viewed.

I've also begun a redesign of the home page and did some behind the scenes work on AMProLand. Might have something to show soon with both of those projects.

That's it for now.

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Journal Section
DeviantArt Diversion
Latest Journal Entry - posted on March.07.2013
During the month of February I took another unexpected turn. Deviant Art was one of the first websites I listed on WheretoGoOnline.com and in January I created a deviant art page


And in February I started using it. And then I got sucked in. Deviant Art has the unfair advantage of being a place where I can look at absolutely gorgeous images all day and study a new (new to me) Social Network at the same time.

I produced a lot of art that I'm very happy with. I learned A TON about creating digital art and creating it faster. A lot of the art I created contains copyrighted...


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Music Section
Random Song - creation date: May.29.1995 by AMPro running time: 2:49
Gallery Section
I found a face
Random Artwork - creation date: Jan.07.2012 by Sophia dimensions: 800x600
Video Section
Random Video - creation date: Feb.10.2012 by AMProSoft views: 141
Book Section
Lucas Bramble [01]
Random book page - Relations: Smash Your TV! (online version) chapter: 1 page: 12 - by: AMPro
Relations: Smash Your TV! (online version)

Lucas Bramble [01]

    Lucas Bramble had not thought about his family in a long time. Now he could think of little else. He hadn't been watching tv much. He had been spending all of his time working and sleeping. But last week he had been fired from his job. He had given Ford 25 years of loyal service. 25 years of having his skin eaten away by that glue that he had to fill the machines with. He had gone to work 6 days a week without missing a day for the last seven years. And now, just because he was getting a little older and a little slower, they had replaced him.

    He had applied for several jobs but none of them had contacted him. Now that he was a little older and a little slower no one would want him. In another week he would officially become an unemployed and they would force him to move to a house without a television in it. So he had decided to watch all the tv he could until they came and removed him.

    But this morning he was thinking different thoughts. There was another one of those new Hotcha videomercials. And Hotcha has said that he should think about his loved ones and his family. He had thought about his daughter Mary and his ex-wife Laura from time to time. Sometimes as the machines would glue a pretty pink Spider seat into a little girl Spider he would dream that this Spider was going to wind up being Mary's Spider.

    He had never meant to become a C5 addict. He had never meant to be abusive to his family. But his job was so hard, so demanding and exhausting and stressful. And all of his coworkers took it and it helped them work better. The C5 was helping him keep his job.

    But now there was no job. He wanted his job back but not as much as he wanted Laura and Mary back. Damn Hotcha for making him miss them so much. And double damn her for suggesting that he should do something about it.

    He was going to do something about it. Something drastic. He was going to go ghost. No more sitting here in front of the tv waiting for the Manpower Police to escort him to his new life as an unemployed. No. He was going to go ghost. He was not going to buy any more C5 or any more McMacs or any more anything. He was going to disappear and go look for his family. Unheard of, unthinkable, irrational: but Lucas Bramble was tired of making excuses for why he could not do what he was called to do. His heart said to do this, and so he would do it or die trying.
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Other websites
the latest happenings from around the AMProSoft Network
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Design Section
2013 Daemen College Anime Convention
Latest design work - creation date: Feb.20.2013


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