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Hello and Welcome to tha AMProSoft Home Page. AMProSoft is a small company in Buffalo, New York that makes Computer Games and software. We also make a monthly Comic Book and Newsletter called tha AMProGram, we make computer generated music (generally about 4 songs a month), we make AMProSoft clothing, and someday we're even thinking about making money.
The happy couple on the right side of your screen are Princess AMPra and AMProJack. As the main characters of AMProSoft they embody the ideals of our modest little company. Balancing their careers as science fiction super heroes, saving the universe from an unending cast of evil villains, and their responsabilities as loving parents was never easy, but they manage to do it with a minimum of shooting, blasting and limb-severing. So welcome back to the place where "super heroes" live up to the name "hero", where "science fiction" actually has something to do with "science", where the belief still exists that you can think and be entertained at the same time.
If these ideas appeal to you, then come on inside and see what AMProSoft has to offer, and if they don't, then pretend that they do and come on inside and see what AMProSoft has to offer.

Today is
"Wut'z Goin On!"
Production on AMProGram #84 has started. #83 still hasn't gone out yet but should be going out any day now. AMProGram #84 features a meeting between Princess AMPra and the biggest Kwoitax you ever saw. Plus all the monthly AMProMusic reviews, character biographies, news and notes, web page reviews and all the other stuff we bring to you on a pretty much monthly basis *grin*. You definately want one! So click here if you need to find out more about the AMProGram, and if you'd like to become a subscriber, click here.
Speaking of which I now actually have credit card processing up in the AMProSoft Store. I've taken a few credit card orders already (but I'd always love to take some more), it seems to be working fairly flawlessly. So give it a try. Please. I'm asking nicely.
There are now two new ways to contact AMProSoft. Firstly, you can Sign tha AMProSoft guestbook and leave your comments, impression and opinions about the page. Or if you have ICQ, the new AMProSoft ICQ number is 17490361.

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