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Journal Section
Musicwatch 2012
this journal entry posted on November.10.2012 by AMPro
So... shortly after the 2008 election I wrote a blog post with some songs and artists to watch out for and check out for inspiration. Since that time I have been immersed in music and I figured I'd post a quick update with some of my latest favorites. To any and all interested parties, for your listening pleasure, here are four artists that you might really like:

1. Dizraeli and the Small Gods - Hailing from Bristol in the U.K. this massive awesome band combines elements of Hip Hop, folk and the kitchen sink. The band is built around the charming storyteller/MC Dizraeli. They have an excellent turntablist in DJ Downlow. And in addition to the rhythm section elements you might expect from a hip hop centered band, they have many folky elements like viola, accoustic guitar and stand up bass. Definitely worth a good checking out.

2. Solillaquists of Sound - (often shortened to Solilla) an American hip-hop quartet based in Orlando, Florida. Its line up currently consist of MCs Alexandrah and Swamburger, poet Tanya Combs and producer/composer Divinci. Solillaquists utilize elements of melody and harmony in their vocals. The two lead vocalists also frequently employ a style of delivering many punctuated syllables in rapid succession sometimes in tight synchronicity. Most of their song lyrics feature socially conscious content based on life-affirming, justice oriented views held by the group. They have attracted a dedicated following in underground Hip Hop for their sophisticated musical compositions as well as their unique vocal delivery and politically aware lyrics.

(ps: yes I did lift that synopsis from Wikipedia, but that's totally okay because I wrote their wikipedia entry)

3. MC Xander - MC Xander is a London Cat. He is a one man wall of sound. With loop stations and effects rigs this fellow starts with the raw material of his own voice, he constructs an irresistable sound tapestry, and then as you are picking your jaw up off the floor he blasts you with amazing intelligent Dance Hall/Hip Hop vocals. Just check out this video, you'll see.

4. The Reminders - The reminders first came to my attention when they shot a video for their collaboration with another favorite of mine, Rebel Diaz. They then came back to my attention when they landed on tour with Brother Ali. Who is this husband and wife duo that keeps kicking out awesome music with all of these well respected emcees? I started digging through their music to find out. I'm glad I did. You should do the same.



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