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Content ViewerHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

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this news item posted on Jan.10.2013 08:18 am by AMPro
A long time ago I decided I didn't want to learn Javascript because there's only so much brainspace in a person's head, and mine is full of too many different programming languages already.  But over the years I kept coming up against the limitation of not being able to do client side type things and that's what one would learn Javascript for. 

Last weekend after a brief flirtation with installing jquery I decided to finally bite the bullet and start learning to code some Javascript.  Now, a week later, two things that I've been wanting to happen for a while are finally happening thanks to Javascript coding. 

1.  The gallery section is finally coming together.  Visitors can flip through pictures in the gallery without having to refresh the whole page.  I rather like that.

2. The Where2GoOnline.com report has alternate views now.  Instead of being stuck looking at the most recent links, you can flip to the most viewed links or the oldest links.  And I can spread that to the rest of the website and establish more views after there are enough links on there for it to make sense to do so. 

So that's one huge step in the process of things coming together.  My brain hurts from too much coding in too many different languages.  But that's the breaks I guess.


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