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Journal Section
ANSWER march, design site, etc...
this journal entry posted on October.28.2003 by AMPro

Okay, more running around like a madman.

Over the weekend it was me n Heather's 1 year aniversary of the night we met. We met on a bus to Washington to protest the war, and we spent our aniversary on a bus to Washington to protest the war.

I put some protest pictures up on the BuffaloANSWER website. Heather and I sat right up front so I got some decent pics.

Then when I got home I got my design site redesigned. It was pretty ironic that I had been making lots of good designs yet my own design website looked completely awful, so I redesigned it and now I think it looks great.

I also redesigned Democracy Rising a lot last week. It looks nice too.

Then today I got a call from the Citizens' Environmental Coalition about a ground breaking on a Vinyl (PVC) plant and we all got together to protest it. It was kind of neat. I got to protest the Mayor of Buffalo, the County Executive of Erie County and the Governor of New York right to their faces. And the guy I met over the summer from Hickory Woods finally got to ask the Governor "What about Hickory Woods?" so it was a productive afternoon.


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