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Journal Section
Damn Laptop!!
this journal entry posted on December.29.2004 by AMPro
I was on the home stretch in chapter 10 and I picked up the laptop and slid the power button by mistake and powered it down. I lost most of today's work. Chapter 10 and chapter 7.

This is a setback of major frustrational proportions. I HATE writing parts over again when I wrote it right the first time.

Tonight I get to read some more of it to some friends. It's weird because I've had to put myself into the mindset of the social darwinists so much to write this thing that I've gotten used to it and I'm like "Eh. What's the big deal?" and then I read it to people and they're all like "That's the most aweful thing eveR!! I'm so depressed now."

Shesh. It's only a book.

I should remember that when I have to rewrite the end of chapter 10 after I eventually get some sleep some day.


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My Real Name is Alex CD
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