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Content ViewerHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

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Journal Section
Relations: McEmpire tops 100!
this journal entry posted on April.11.2005 by AMPro
        Well it feels like a huge accomplishment to me:

        This morning, my new book Relations: McEmpire generated it's 100th sale. In recent weeks sales were slumping and it seemed like there was a force field blocking the 100 mark after a rapid march up to the mid 80s. But then the kindly folks of Riverside-Salem UCC church were nice enough to have me out to Grand Island to read from my book yesterday and I sold a bunch of copies and had a lot of fun reading passages. That seemed to prime the pump so to speak and I sold another copy online this morning, and just like that, I was at 100. Not too bad for a book that's been mostly sold out of my backpack or at local independant bookstores in an abysmal Bush administration economy.

        Speaking of retailers, I have a new version of Relations: McEmpire coming out soon (with larger print and an ISBN number: 0-9767717-0-5) and I'm very eager to start selling those but I have a bit of backstock to get through first, and there are a number of outlets that have been kind enough to sell my book, but they're not generating many sales. It would help me tremendously if these places could sell more copies:
Rust Belt Books - 202 Allen St (Buffalo - Allentown)
Talking Leaves - 951 Elmwood Ave (Buffalo - Elmwood Village)
Talking Leaves - 3158 Main St. (Buffalo - University Heights)
WNY Peace Center - 2123 Bailey (Buffalo - East Side)
Abbey Grange Books - 239 Lexington Ave (Buffalo - West Side) Tell a friend!

        If you know of any other places that would be interested in selling this book, please let me know. For more about the book, click here: http://www.amprosoft.com/books/Relations

        And lastly, if you've already read the book, there is still a little bit of time left to submit a back cover blurb for the new edition. Just write two to five sentences about why this is a good book to read, what you liked about it, etc. and email it to me

be Peace,
-Alex Mead


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