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Content ViewerHi! Welcome to AMProSoft.com, a website for finding out the latest news about AMProSoft. I'm Alex Mead, a web designer, author, artist, activist, programmer, performer and the founder of AMProSoft. This website is full of information on me, my music, books, art, videos, other websites and various design projects.

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Journal Section
Youth for Youth
this journal entry posted on May.13.2005 by AMPro

Last night I performed at the Youth for Youth benefit. The young kids at Nichols High School threw a fund raiser for the Mass Ave Project and the Compass House emergency youth shelter, and I did a bunch of rapping and some break dancing while my friend Kirk did some beatboxing.

Bout 150 people in the crowd. Lots of young kids. They really dig the rap music.

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be Peace,


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