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Dec.01.2012 - State of the Update
posted Saturday Dec.01.2012 08:41 pm

The new design is going well.  There are now more than 250 pieces of content in the update list and I've been dumping more in every day.  I have yet to even get started on reworking the book or design sections of the website but all of the other sections are pretty well underway.  I'm up to 11 galleries in the gallery section now.  I spent a good bit of this morning waxing nostalgic while pouring over old photos and such.  I've also been digging through the archives to recover old content and reinsert it.  And I've accomplished a ton of back end work to interface with the database that will hopefully be really useful to future design clients.  So I'm hoping to have the redesign wrapped before the end of 2012.  Good luck to me.


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