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Happy New Year
posted Wednesday Jan.02.2013 11:52 pm

Well, my target date of January 1st has come and gone and while I am impressed with all of the redesigning I did get done, there is still clearly a lot that remains unfinished.  In the last couple weeks I was able to get through some major coding.

  * I got a start on the book section.  At least enough so that I could place some random book pages on the home page.
  * I have gotten the new Where2GoOnline.com up so that website is back in action and yesterday I added about 40 links to it so it even has some content in it.  I'm planning to release four links a week for the next few months at least and see how the site develops.
  * I upgraded the landing page for the video viewer to show the most recent video and list the recent videos in each category. 
  * I changed all the copyright dates to 2013 (How exciting is THAT?!?)

So.  That's what's new.  Back to the grindstone for me now. 



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