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New 2012 Website Design
posted Tuesday Oct.30.2012 11:58 pm

Well, you can file this under "what else is new" but I'm about to put up the new 2012 AMProSoft.com design even though it is not yet complete.  Yes indeed.  Another unfinished website to add to the list of promising but partially completed websites that I have out there littering the information super highway. 

This one seems a bit more promising than previous projects.  I really am throwing all of the different talents I possess at it.  And with a few baby steps at a time I have managed to get a little bit of content into it.  Gallery images and journal entries are coming along.  The only section that really works fully is the websites section, and that just takes you to a whole pile of other incomplete projects.  But hey, it's a start. 

I'm really enjoying the snazzy look of the new site.  Makes it easy to spend a bunch of time coding on it again.  After 15 years of tinkering at it, I do believe I may actually have a completed website by next year.  Wish me luck.


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