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journalWelcome to my online journal. I'm Alex Mead. For many years people called me AMPro --so much so that it seemed like my name. More recently, a lot of people on the internet have come to know me as green.earth.al and in show biz...My Rap Name is Alex. Whatever name I'm known by, I still seem to have the same opinions and convictions, I still like to write and make public my introspection and try to say something that will provoke some thoughts and help people see the world in new and helpful ways.
Finally!!: BOOK!
this journal entry posted on December.24.2005

At long last!

I have been killing myself trying to get this book finished. Run well over my self imposed deadline, but finally the drawings are drawn, the end notes are noted, the characters are all doing what they're supposed to be doing and...

Relations book 2 - SMASH YOUR TV! is available for purchase.

And so's this neato Relations 2 t-shirt by the way.

But yeah, I am so glad to be across the finish line. The Cycle is once again complete. I can stop, breathe, sleep. Maybe I can even clean the house a little before Heather gets here on Monday. I feel like I can suddenly do anything I want. I don't even have work today or tomorrow (some kind of Christmas thing). I'll probably just end up catching up on my email or something like that. Or maybe I'll go read a book.

I should probably email everybody I know and see if they want to buy a book.

Peace & Love,

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