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musicOver the years I have written a whole lot of music and lyrics. I started off writing music for AMProSoft video games, then I continued writing music for the joy of it, then I started performing poetry, then I started rapping my poetry under the stage name My Rap Name is Alex and then I got invited to join the musical super group known as the BloodThirsty Vegans.

I'll try to provide some samples of all of that kind of stuff here.
Impulse Tracker Mods
Jan.31.2013 -03:40 amArcade Battery Low
Jan.19.2013 -02:42 amNewsroom
Jan.13.2013 -01:51 pmMonkey Shine
Jan.06.2013 -11:20 amTime Lapse Traffic
Jul.04.2003 -05:00 amPledge to Resist (vocals by Saul Williams)
Feb.07.2003 -05:00 amBorder Patrol
May.25.1998 -05:00 amNo Frogs!


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