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videoIn 2009 my band and I started shooting our first music video. It took quite a long time to complete and while we were waiting to see a finished video I started looking into video editing to see if I could expidite our future video production. Some years have gone by and I haven't worked on any music videos, but I sure have filmed and edited together a whole bunch of other stuff. This video gallery has all of it indexed and easy to find.
Aya's List
May.30.2013 -11:32 pmAya [Spring2013] - Drive My Car
Dec.18.2013 -09:49 pmAya - Fall 2013
Aug.30.2013 -10:54 pmAya [Summer 2013] - Thank You Everyday
Jan.23.2013 -03:05 pmAya [Winter 2013] Superstitious
Nov.03.2012 -05:00 amAya: Fall 2012: Don't Sleep
Sep.11.2012 -05:00 amAya 1 Year: Baby, makin beats
Aug.10.2012 -05:00 amAya 11 Months: International Infant of Intrigue
Jul.11.2012 -05:00 amAya 10 months: Born to be Wild
Jun.10.2012 -05:00 amAya 9 months: Groundin'
May.11.2012 -05:00 amAya 8 Months: The Science of Sound
Apr.11.2012 -05:00 amAya 7 Months: Sunshine
Mar.10.2012 -05:00 amAya 6 Months: "They Call Me Dr. Worm"
Feb.10.2012 -05:00 amAya 5 Months: "Chew, chew, chew"
Jan.10.2012 -05:00 amAya 4 Months: Sayin Hi
Dec.12.2011 -05:00 amAya 3 Months: All Winners
Nov.11.2011 -05:00 amAya 2Months: Baby Smiles
Oct.10.2011 -05:00 amAya at 1 month of age
Sep.18.2011 -05:00 amAya's 1st Video


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