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websitesLooking for information on the AMProNet family of websites? You've come to the right place. From anywhere in the AMProNet Network, you should be able to click the AMProSoft logo in the upper right corner and return to this portal page.

If you're looking for general information about AMProSoft please check out the information section of AMProSoft.com.
GBINet is a family of websites designed for the empowerment of people. These sites grew out of my hobbies and interests. I'm Green Earth Al. Hopefully you will find them informative, entertaining and useful.


(most of these websites are currently under reconstruction)

My Rap Name is Alex

Music and live performance videos by me and my friends, complete lyrics to all of the songs on my latest CD, photos, info on upcoming shows and events and more.


Corporations-Suck is an informational website addressing the fact that corporations suck. Specifically, the website is designed to reveal to its readership the utter disregard that many large corporations have for the Earth and the future generations who will need to inhabit it.

All Power To The People

AllPowerToThePeople.com is all about advocating for people's basic human rights. Most importantly, the right not to die in some stupid war. Human beings benefit tremendously from peace, so let's get together and stop this tiny minority that continually manipulates the world's populations into violence and warfare.

Rebel Alliance Music

Rebel music from conscious Hip Hop to Defiant Folk promoting ideas and expanding consciousness through music.

awesome buffalo music

A website highlighting all of the incredible music coming out of Buffalo, NY. Across all genres and with limitless flavors Buffalo has got it going on musically.


Live Loopers is a collection of places on the internet created for the enjoyment of people who love loop based music. You do not have to be a musician --or a performer of any sort-- to participate. Live Loopers is a great place for casual fans and long time loopers to discover and interact with performers, get advice from one another, promote the music that inspires them, and just chat about where all this Live Loop music is heading.


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